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I have shifted the focus of this blog about and have made it a training and fundraising diary for the Tour de Force NY, a ride I am doing in September to benefit the families of fallen Police Officers.

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I have been severely lacking in my training updates.  Life just gets in the way.  Anyway, to keep my supporters updated on my progress I listed out the last week and a half of training in one post.  A lot of little rides about 33 miles or so at a clip and one long run with some climbing worked in there. 

Next week I will be picking up the mileage and start cranking out some 50-65 mile rides.  Thanks again for following along and thanks again for everyone’s support!

This is what happens when you buy a new camera and start building a fixie at the same time. 

  • Pake French 75 Frame
  • SingleWorks Crank
  • IRD Bottom Bracket
  • FSA Integrated Headset
  • Velocity Deep V Rims
  • Velocity Track Hub Set

Wheels were hand built to my specs by Rich at Rg’s Bike Shop in Bayonne.  Radial laced front wheel and three cross rear wheel.  Solidly built and couldn’t be happier.  The rest of the bike was assembled in my workshop dungeon.  Just waiting on a brake set (yes I am running brakes). 

I need to know if this is real.  The possibilities!

Wifey and I are approaching a new chapter in our life; home ownership (knock on wood).  We are moving far (enough) away from my cycling comfort zone and it has me already missing my usually cycling route; 9W to Nyack.  I’m spoiled in the fact that after a short ride through some congested city I can hit some really scenic terrain and end up at a pinkies up kind of cafe, enjoy a muffin, and then experience the great mix all over again in reverse. 

The fact that due to some conflicts going on right now I have only seen Nyack on my bicycle once this season is enough to make me go crazy… now ill be moving and probably far enough that riding my normal route wont be as convenient.

Last week we went for a ride to check out the area and while we were checking out where the shoppes and eateries are.. I was really concentrating on the climbs and how friendly the traffic was in the area.  Feeling kind of intimidated about the area and the fact that my wife’s turbo beetle was struggling up some hills I did some searching and came up with this sweet looking 23 mile loop that I can’t wait to check out. 

Any other cyclists from the area ever ridden it?  Know of any other routes?  Hit me up in the comments section below.. anyone?

A Tree Grows in Newark (by John Tokar)

Just a reminder that I am participating in this years Tour de Force NY.  You can click the link above to make a donation and support me on my ride.  All donations are tax deductible and all proceeds will go to the families of Law Enforcement Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

I would like to thank Stephen Durkin for being my most recent supporter!  Thank you for your donation!


Perry Rubber Bike Shop in Savannah, GA

I have been to this shop in GA. Really sweet Jersey too!

A Bear and a Monkey racing bicycles.  What could go wrong?  The Horror!

Look through the valve hole. True sign of a well built wheel. Thanks Rich at Rg’s #fixie #fixieporn #velocity #ibuiltthis #cycling #biking #bicycle (at RG’s Bicycle Shop)

#Police Unity Tour Send Off Today

It stings to know that the tour is kicking off today and this will be the first year in the last four that I won’t be participating.  The tour is a 300 mile ride from Somerset, NJ to Washington DC.  The purpose is to raise awareness of line of duty deaths in law enforcement and to raise money for the National Law Enforcement Memorial.  

I found the video above this morning and its for the National Challenge Ride which I normally participate in.  I think its pretty well done.  If you were interested in making a donation directly to The Police Unity Tour you can click here.

Don’t forget I will be participating instead this year in The Tour de Force a ride with a very similar mission.  This year my goal is to provide relief directly to the families of fallen officers. 

Please consider making a donation to my efforts by clicking here.

Good luck to all of our riders this year making a difference and stay dry my friends!